Description of the workshop:

The Learner in focus - the starting point when aligning to
Common Core Standards in ELA

The Common Core Standards document (Page 7) articulates a portrait for students who are "College and Career ready in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Language”. Though these are not Standards by themselves, this is the crucial starting point in creating ELA units aligned to the Common Core Standards. Using four of the descriptions from this document (that apply 6-12) as a “springboard”, this workshop will provide teachers the necessary skills, strategies and resources in taking an integrated, comprehensive and balanced approach to literacy learning that promotes conceptual clarity while implementing the Common Core Standards. This workshop is for teachers 6-12 including ESL teachers, and the workshop will provide teachers with specific examples for the different levels. This workshop will draw on the work of Dr. Lois Lanning who has published and presented extensively on aligning the concept-based teaching of ELA to the Common Core.