A concept-based curriculum is an approach that helps move teaching and learning from the traditional two-dimensional model to a three-dimensional model (Erickson 2007) with an aim to challenge and engage the intellect.

A concept-based curriculum goes beyond facts and topics and aims at drawing powerful enduring understanding/generalizations that are transferable across time, place and situations.

Research has proven that the top 20 jobs for 2020 is yet to be created. We as teachers are preparing our students for a work force, the demands of which we are yet to imagine. Providing students with facts and content that will be outdated before they graduate is meaningless. This does not mean we do not teach the details of the American Revolution or the Second World War. But what this means is that we go beyond the facts in these historical events to provide students with a conceptual understanding that is timeless and abstract and complex to various degrees.

A concept-based curriculum is engaging and meaningful and promotes teaching and learning that is inquiry based, keeping both the teacher and the taught motivated and thinking!!