Besides being certified an Independent Consultant for the Concept Based Curriculum, the following aspects enable me to be well-informed and analytic in the workshops that I conduct:

  • My practical experience in the classroom over the last 14 years where in I have taught students ranging from 9 years old until 18/19 is what enables me to prepare and plan for my workshops without losing perspective of the end-users in mind.

    [I have taught Elementary school for 3 years, Middle School for 5 years and High School (IB diploma students) for six years].

  • In terms of curriculum,

    • my doctoral studies and currently my research inquiry that focuses on how a non-IB curricular program bridges the PYP and the IB DP that has enabled me explore in-depth the three curricular frameworks of the IB programs.

      • my PGCE from the University of Sunderland has also enabled me to explore the English National Curriculum as well as the IGCSE, though I am more familiar with the Key Stage 3 and 4 in terms of teaching.

  • Chairing/serving in the various strategic committees such as the School wide Curriculum Committee; Steering Committee; Staff Development Committee and CIS/MSA/IB Accreditation committees has also enabled me see the bigger picture in relation to curriculum matters.

    Classroom Practice; limited time and busy teachers: are the key words that keep in mind when I design my workshops. {because I am a teacher myself!!}

    International Schools; and Third Culture Kids : are my target audience when I design my workshops.

    Differentiation ( for both teachers and students )and Inquiry based approach: are the key strategies I keep in mind when I design my workshops.