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"Sudha Sunder has been certified as a Lynn Erickson Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction Trainer. It is my pleasure to recommend her as an outstanding presenter! She is confident and strong in her presentation style and has a deep knowledge of concept-based curriculum and instruction. Sudha connects extremely well with her audience and has a perfect balance of presentation and group activity. Any school would be very pleased with her performance ."

Dr. Lynn Erickson, author and world-wide presenter on Concept Based Curriculum.

“Sudha Sunder provided a two day workshop for the secondary teachers at ABA, An IB World School, developing key understandings with a focus on conceptual-based curriculum and instruction. Sudha worked collaboratively to construct a workshop that met the specific needs of our secondary teachers. Sudha is well versed in concept-based curriculum design and teaching and infuses up-to-date research to back up her claims. She is a dynamic presenter that provided the energy and expertise that was essential for our staff to move forward as we implement the MYP ‘Next Chapter.’ I would highly recommend Sudha to facilitate a highly interactive and engaging workshop.
John Savage, Lower Secondary Principal, ABA, Oman.

"Sudha Sunder is a professional educator brimming with enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience in several domains of learning. Her understanding of the significance of a conceptually-based curriculum in raising the cognitive demands of students for advanced levels of learning is incomparable. This, matched with her contemporary knowledge and understanding of how best technology can be used to support thinking and learning makes her an invaluable resource person for teachers wanting to learn more about curriculum designs that oblige higher order thinking in contexts that are relevant and challenging. I recommend Sudha Sunder as an agent of positive change in schools seeking to ensure students are cognitively prepared for advanced learning in colleges, universities, and careers yet to be defined".

Ray Taylor, Ed.D Educational Consultant for Educational Services Overseas Limited.

"Sudha Sunder is an accomplished educator, among our best and most insightful at Universal American School, an IB World School with its own bridging conceptual curriculum that leads to the IB Diploma courses. Sudha’s expertise in curriculum and best practices regarding the integration of technology into teaching and learning equip her well for consultancies and workshops. In her presentations she shows depth of knowledge and presents complex issues in a clear and persuasive fashion, based on her own capabilities and wide-ranging experience as a leader among teachers. I recommend Sudha with confidence and enthusiasm."

Dr. Gunther Brandt, Senior Consult and Board member, ESOL EDUCATION, Senior Consultant, Search Associates, Director UAS Dubai 2009-2013.

"When I recently attended a large PD conference with dozens of different workshops available, I chose Sudha’s workshop on Leading Conceptual Curriculum. I chose this workshop because I know from working with Sudha over the past five years that she is truly an expert in the field of building a conceptual curriculum. This is because she has worked tirelessly over the years in helping lead the development of the conceptual curriculum at our school, asking the questions, and searching for solutions. Sudha understands what it is like to build a conceptual curriculum because she has been there ‘in the trenches’ with the curriculum leaders and teachers. I trust Sudha for her professionalism and support, and as a Curriculum Leader working to build the conceptual curriculum in science, I have found her advice and suggestions have always helped me and the science team find our own path in developing our curriculum to be conceptually based.”
David Kostial, Head of Department- Science and TOK, IB Chemistry, Universal American School, Dubai.

"Sudha sunder is highly professional and structures her workshops to meet the needs of her audience. Her knowledge of concept-based teaching, differentiated instruction and ICT integration is second to none. She has conducted group workshops and individual training sessions with our faculty that have been extremely effective. I would highly recommend Sudha to any school wishing to conduct workshops that are stimulating, productive and catered to specific need."
Simone Sebban; Secondary Principal, Universal American School, Dubai.

"I have been chatting with the staff about your workshop at our school and everyone has very positive remarks. It was nice to expose the teachers to the conceptual framework of which the PYP is founded and at the same time give the teachers other tools for analyzing their UOI.."
David Gerber, PYP Coordinator- GEMS World Academy, Dubai.