Here are some testimonials from teachers who have attended my workshops:

"Interesting and thought provoking for the development of our units! Thanks!" (IB PYP Teacher).

"Well thought-out, organized and very inspirational. Thank you!"

"The pace was good and the content relevant. Each segment built on the one before and at the end, each grade level was able to leave with the general framework for their new unit of inquiry". (IB PYP Teacher)

"Great to re-think unit central ideas to understand concepts and implement changes effectively." (IB PYP Teacher).

"Thank you very much for giving up your time to give us your support on developing the conceptual curriculum. Your support and discussion about the conceptual curriculum was useful, informative and thought-provoking." (Curriculum Leader- Arabic and AFL)

"Condensed understandably- practical discussions with colleagues - enlightening and helpful." (IB PYP Teacher).

"You handle questions and challenges well, giving respect to audience." (Specialist Teacher)

"Good- some of the slides moved on a little quickly to take accurate notes. Workshop leader was very accepting of views and ideas and able to answer questions well". (IB PYP Teacher)

"Good presenter- energetic, loud, knowledgeable and positive." (Specialist Teacher)

"Confident and knowledgeable presenter."