As a life-long learner and I am always hungry to learn more. While most professional development sessions present already known information in different ways, some are truly outsanding due to the powerful and motivational speakers who present cutting-edge research-based information to improve teaching and learning.

The following are some of the Professional Development sessions that I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from.

  • Unpacking the NGSS April 2015 (Erma Anderson).

  • NWEA Teams Visit Member Training- March 2015 ( Richard Pachecho).

  • Translating Brain Research into Language and Literacy Instruction for English learners- 2015 ( Virginia Rojas).

  • Busting some myths about the inquiry cycle - 2015 (Kath Murdoch).

  • Thoughtful Questioning - 2015 (Kath Murdoch).

  • Transforming Learning: Beyond $1000 pencil -2015 (Alan November).

  • 21st Century Education - 2015 ( Charles Fadel).

  • Inquiry and Inclusion- January 2015 ( Lynne Coleman).

  • Strategic Leadership Planning with Apple - 2014 (Abdul Chouhan).

  • Certified SMART Exemplary Educator - 2012. (Tamima Jurdak).

  • Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction for the Thinking Classroom- 2012- (Dr. Lynn Erickson).

  • Designing a Concept-Based Curriculum for English Language Arts - 2012 (Dr. Lois Lanning).