One Day Workshop is ideal for groups of 50 - 60 teachers in having hands-on sessions in developing powerful units that help focus on conceptual understanding.

This workshop will focus on why and how a Concept-based curriculum model is important to generate "Thinking classrooms". (Erickson, L., 2001).

Participants will be engaged in a variety of hands-on activities that enable to:

  • Understand the difference between Fact based Versus Concept Based Approach

  • Understand the Structure of Knowledge and how that applies to concept-based classrooms.

  • Develop a unit web that enable students to move from facts to conceptual understanding.

  • Develop Guiding questions that scaffold students' thinking and promotes inquiry based approach to teaching and learning.

  • Reflect on existing units to identify areas for developing the same in a concept based manner.

  • Participants will receive practical strategies that can be effectively applied the very next day in the classroom.

This workshop is ideal for international schools where teachers want to encourage a concept-based approach in teaching and learning.