My workshops

Concept-based workshops and presentations :

"Tackling content saturation through teaching for conceptual understanding"-
Where: Michigan State University, the 3rd Dubai International Conference in Higher Education- Dubai, UAE. February 2015.

"Teacher Perceptions about concept-based curriculum development and instruction"- Tales from the Chalk Face:
Where: The 3rd TESOL Arabia Teacher-Led Research Mini Conference. February 2015.

IB MYP Framework within the IGCSE leading to the IB DP- Conceptual engagement within this model- 2 days consultancy- Where: ABA Oman IB World School, February 2015.

Cultural Values and Student Expressions in an inquiry-based PYP classroom

Where: Ecole Mondial IB World School, Mumbai, India: Alliance for International Education conference (10-12 th October, 2014)

Scaffolding Conceptual Understanding through Structured Inquiry in a PYP Classroom- (20th May, 2014.)
Where: GEMS World Academy, Dubai, UAE.

Paper presentation: Ensuring quality in learning and teaching through teaching for conceptual understanding

Where: Michigan State University, Dubai campus : The 2nd Dubai International Conference in Higher Education: Sustaining Success Through Innovation: Michigan State University, Dubai, UAE. (January 19th, 2014)

Facilitator in Lynn Erickson's workshop: Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction for the Thinking Classroom, Dubai. (January 24,25, 2014).

Scaffolding Generalizations in the Inquiry based PYP classroom- Full day consultancy-Dubai. (6th February, 2014)

Where: Emirates International School, Dubai.

Where: Universal American School, Dubai: Teaching for conceptual understanding in the PYP classroom - Half-day consultancy- . (3rd March, 2014)

Where: Istanbul, Turkey: 34th International Society for Teacher Education Conference (ISfTE 2014) "The importance of teaching for conceptual understanding in volatile and dynamic 21st century classrooms"- (22nd - 25th April, 2014.)

Where: ESOL Conference- Dubai, UAE (October 4-6, 2013)

Workshop 1: Leading concept based curriculum- challenges and strategies.

Workshop 2: Effective Scaffolding of Generalizations and developing Guiding Questions in the inquiry based PYP classroom.

Where: Beykent Schools, Istanbul, Turkey [for the 12th Turkish National Day IB conference].

April 13th, 2013. (full day consultancy)

A. Presentation: 'Clarifying Conceptual-Misconceptions'

B. Presentation:' Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in the PYP'

C. Presentation: ' The MYP Transdisciplinary Classroom and The Power of a Conceptual Lens

Where : Zayed University [For : KHDA partnership What works in Literacy]

Title: "How we use compelling questions to drive inquiry-based learning in the English and Arabic language classrooms at middle and high school stages"-

February 12th, 2013.

Audience: English and Arabic Teachers Middle/High School.

This presentation will draw on the element of compelling/guiding questions in the Structure of Knowledge in order to identify practical strategies for making the language classroom inquiry based and in leading student thinking from the factual to the conceptual level.
# KHDA: Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau. [DSIB].

Where: Universal American School Dubai

Title: Leadership Roles for the Concept-based Curriculum

When:February 3rd and 4th, 2013.

Audience: Middle/High school teachers

This workshop is intended for anyone aspiring to assume leadership roles in mentoring and supporting concept based curriculum development. The workshop will explore/revisit the three powerful elements of the concept based classroom that help in developing powerful generalizations and compelling questions and more importantly to ensure that the concept based philosophy is practiced in every day teaching and learning.Participants will also reflect on supporting documents that facilitate leadership roles in lesson observation and teacher mentoring in regards to concept based teaching and learning.

The power of a Conceptual Lens in PYP interdisciplinary teaching

Where: GEMS World Academy (full day consultancy)

When: November 4th, 2012.

Audience : PYP teachers and classroom specialists

This full day workshop focused on enabling PYP teachers making connections across disciplines using the conceptual lens. The workshop also focused on enabling teachers refining and developing level 1, 2 and 3 generalizations for their current units of inquiry.

Title: Teaching for Conceptual Understanding- what does this mean?

When: August 26th, 2012.

Where: Universal American School, Dubai

Audience: New teachers being inducted into the conceptual curriculum
This presentation identified and explained the powerful elements of the concept based curriculum and addressed the needs of new teachers to identify concept based terminology and understand how to apply the same in everyday teaching and learning.

Title: Clarifying Misconceptions

When : August 28th, 2012.

Where: Universal American School, Dubai

Audience: Curriculum Leaders Middle/High School
This presentation aimed at clarifying some of the misconceptions in terms of understanding what a concept based curriculum means and how this can effectively be practiced in everyday teaching and learning. Interesting perspectives such as "we are Math teachers what do we have to do with conceptual understanding?" and "we hardly have time to teach what is needed for the course, where is the time to talk about concepts" were discussed so as to clear some of the myths around the concept based curriculum.