Note: The concept based workshops are not a part of the IB. It is an approach to teaching and learning that can be applied in any international curriculum.

The following is an extract from the IB Website, but simply relates the same to my experience as an IB Diploma teacher.

The IB philosophy emphasizes:

  • Awareness of the similarities and differences among many cultures, understanding issues on an international scale, and responsible citizenship

  • The inter-relatedness of various disciplines and issues

  • A "Socratic" (question-and-answer) form of achieving knowledge in the classroom

  • Student-centered inquiry and communication

All the three IB Programs: the Primary Years Program, the Middle Years Program, and the Diploma Program are expected to be delivered with this philosophy in mind.

As an IB Diploma teacher myself , I believe the concept based approach to teaching learning, through its powerful elements such as the Structure of knowledge, Generalizations and the Guiding Questions enable to create a Synergy (Erickson, 2007) between the factual and conceptual knowledge in an articulate and structured way that enables the IB philosophy to be realized in everyday classroom practice.

Dr. Erickson's Position paper on the concept-based curriculum and the IB programs..

Source: [Online Curriculum Centre]