2016- Unpacking the NGSS- workshop series for science teachers:

11th January - Dubai
13th January- Abu Dhabi
1st February- Riyadh (subject to availability of visa)
3rd February- Jeddah (subject to availability of visa)
8th February - Doha
10th February- Kuwait
11th February - Manama


Meeting the Common Core ELA standards with Intellectual integrity - Close Reading and Writing Strategies - AUS Kuwait - 3 days consultancy

"Using NGSS to Foster Scientific Inquiry amongst students" - paper published in the Teach UAE Magazine (Page 30):

Common Core Conference- Middle East and North Africa - 24th and 25th October, 2014.
    • Workshop 1: The Role of Evidence-Based Writing in Aligning to the ELA Standards
    • Workshop 2: The Role of Crosscutting Concepts in unpacking the Next Generation Science Standards

Where: Jumeirah Baccalaureate School, Dubai, UAE

Workshop 1:The role of Crosscutting Concepts in unpacking the Next Generation Science Standards.
DESCRIPTION: This workshop will provide participants the tools and strategies towards understanding one of the important components of the NGSS- the Crosscutting Concepts. Participants in this workshop will learn classroom strategies in enabling learners to progress from the factual to the conceptual domains of learning, while aligning to the NGSS. This workshop is recommended for middle-level leaders and curriculum leaders and it will provide participants the necessary tools to train and support teachers in aligning to the NGSS.
Target Audience: Teachers and Administrators

Workshop 2: The role of evidence-based writing in aligning to the ELA standards.

DESCRIPTION: An important step in implementing the Common Core ELA standards is in understanding the key shifts the ELA standards call for. The ELA standards recognizes that forms of writing in k-12 based on student experiences and opinions alone will not prepare students for the demands of college, career, and life. In this regard, one of the key shifts the ELA standards have made from traditional standards has been the emphasis of students being able to use evidence from texts to present careful analyses, well-defended claims, and clear information. Through a hands-on-activity, this workshop will provide participants effective and practical classroom strategies to improve students’ ability to inform and persuade through careful evidence-based textual analysis.
Target Audience: Teachers andAdministrators

On the Education Panel : Radio 1 Dubai Eye 103.8:

Topic : American Curriculum Schools in the UAE and aligning to the Common Core.

September 23rd, 2014.
Dubai Studio City.

Common Core Conference (Middle East and North Africa):

"The Learner in focus - the starting point when aligning to Common Core Standards in ELA".

(November 1-2 , 2013, Dubai, UAE).