I am Dr. Sudha Govindswamy (Sunder) and I provide continued professional development for teaching staff in concept-based curriculum and instruction and effective teaching and learning. I have very recently earned my doctorate in education from the University of Bath, UK, and I have cleared my viva and thesis without any changes or recommendations for modification. My dissertation focused on teacher perceptions on school-based curriculum development, particularly in the context of concept-based curriculum and instruction in IB World schools. I have widely presented in international conferences on curriculum and instruction and details of this can be accessed here: http://practicalthinkingclassrooms.wikispaces.com/Concept-based+curriculum+consultancy

I also serve in the role of Curriculum Reviewer for the IB Americas Global Centre, for a pilot project of Building a Quality curriculum. In this capacity, I provide curriculum review and feedback on IB planners and Programme of Inquiry for IB/American schools in the United States and some other parts of the world. As a certified curriculum consultant from the Lynn Erickson Institute, Whitefish, Montana, USA, I have researched and presented widely at international conferences on curriculum studies and teacher professional development. I believe in distributive leadership practice and teacher empowerment, the testimonials of which can be accessed here: http://practicalthinkingclassrooms.wikispaces.com/Testimonials

As a SMART certified trainer and a SMART Exemplary Educator, I have also served in the role of technology coordinator in the secondary school and served in the school- wide IT committee that makes budgetary decisions k-12. I been the Program Manager for the launch of the iTunes U Master class at UAS. I have taught in the IB DP program for 7 years and am also an IB Examiner for IB ITGS.

I have also worked extensively on leading the preparations for school inspection visits from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, UAE with particular focus on the Quality Indicators for Curriculum and Teaching and Learning. I have also been an active member on various committees for accreditation such as the CIS, MSA and IB. As the chairperson of the school-wide Curriculum committee for the last few years, I have also worked with the Curriculum Committee members on revising the school-wide Curriculum and Assessment Plan, the Strategic Plan (in the Steering Committee) and the ICT integration plan. Before I joined the present organization, I worked in a GEMS school in Dubai for eight years where besides teaching, I served in the capacity of Staff Advisor and Events coordinator for all major events that brought together many schools from both within and outside the Emirates.


Dr. Sudha Govindswamy Sunder

August, 2015.

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