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Teachers are hard working people. High levels of intrinsic motivation is what enables this demanding profession to thrive in-spite of the demands of the 21st century. Love for learning and teaching, passion to motivate and engage aspiring young minds, and above all the will to ignite the passion for meaningful inquiry-based learning...these are a few of my favorite things …or for that matter for most teachers who love what they do!

“21st Century-Learning; Life-long learning; Critical Thinking; Inquiry based approach…” every workshop one attends these days is often “peppered” with these “catch phrases”, albeit used without thinking as to what it would mean in everyday classroom practice. How many of these workshops provide us with articulate steps and practical strategies that a busy teacher can adapt in everyday classroom practice?

The Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction for the Thinking Classroom as designed by Dr. Lynn Erickson provides effective strategies that function at the classroom level in transforming teaching and learning from the traditional "two-dimensional model" to an "idea-centered three-dimensional model" (Erickson, 2008).

Want to motivate, engage and challenge aspiring young minds?

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Want students in your classroom to be mind-engaged?

Want to drive instructions through an inquiry-based approach that provokes student thinking?

Want to pass on your high levels of intrinsic motivation for learning to your students..?

And most importantly want to achieve all of this through practical, well articulated strategies that work in everyday classroom practice…?

Well…you are at the right place...the Practical Thinking Classroom Wiki Page...visit the other pages in this wiki by clicking on the links to the right hand side of this page to know more…

Dr. Sudha Govindswamy Sunder
Independent Consultant for Concept Based Instruction,
SMART Exemplary Educator and Trainer,
Staff Development Coordinator in a World IB School, Dubai.
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